The Local Train: My Refuge

I vividly remember the day I was first introduced to Local Train and their music. It was 2017. I was interning in HDFC Kolkata as part of my MBA curriculum. It was a scorching hot afternoon, a typical Kolkata summer day. I recall downing glasses of water one after the other, but to no avail.... Continue Reading →

Who Are You?

Do you ever feel like stripping off all the masks, the many labels and the roles that you hide behind? You are still a mystery, aren't you? To the world. Sometimes, even to yourself. Forever learning. And unlearning. And Relearning. Trying to make sense of the assortment of experiences and people who make you who... Continue Reading →

Coonoor, Ooty : A weekend Getaway

I naturally gravitate towards hill-stations. I feel they have an unusual, almost inexplicable hold over me, forever enticing me, to the point of almost teasing me. I am strangely attracted to that world; a world of cold winds and snow-topped mountains, of unseasonal rain and fresh air, of freezing noses and hot cups of tea... Continue Reading →

Munnar <3

One thing that helps my father and me draw common ground is our shared interest in travelling. In fact, I feel he passed on his traveller genes to me, and thanks to his yearly Doctors' Summit held across different parts of India, I had the opportunity to discover culturally diverse lands from a very young... Continue Reading →

Lord Voldemort’s Reign Of Terror

Dear He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Yes, such is your hold on me that I still cannot call you out by your name. I was first introduced to you as an awkward teenager and years hence, I am terrified of you still. Growing up, Harry was my friend, someone I would turn to, almost instinctively, especially during difficult times.... Continue Reading →

Shayad – A Love Tale

‘Shayad’ is a celebration of love in its purest, most unadulterated form. As you croon to its lyrics, you realize that there exists a hopeless romantic in you - one who craves for a love as powerful and unconditional as Veer’s was for Zoe. It speaks to your soul in ways unimaginable, seeking out unexplored... Continue Reading →


Quaint, picturesque locations, rich cultural diversity and ingenious music are few of the things Assam is known for. But, besides those, it is also known for its unique flora and fauna which can be found aplenty there. Assam currently houses 193 unique species of mammals and 950 unique bird species. Out of the 543 wildlife... Continue Reading →

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