Corona Musings

COVID-19 has wreaked the kind of unprecedented havoc that none of us could have imagined. How many of us envisioned a day when we would be cooped up at home not by choice but by compulsion? I am sure none of us.

While people continue to suffer globally, I believe this pandemic has been an eye-opener of sorts for many of us. It has given us the opportunity to quietly reflect on our lives. We were so caught up in the rat race to succeed that we never really paused to rest, reset and prioritize. Furthermore, for years now we have been inflicting unimaginable atrocities on Mother Nature and the environment. Perhaps, the pandemic is the Universe’s way of reinstating the natural order of things and rightfully so if news reports of reduced pollution and cleaner water are to be believed.

The lockdown has undoubtedly imposed several restrictions upon us but truth be told hasn’t it also given us the chance to reconnect with our families on a deeper level? I am sure your endless debates with your father on the next steps of the Government enliven the dinner table now. Your 4 year-old smiles more often now as she has you around all day? Your mother’s eyes light up with joy whenever you take her suggestions for a new recipe that you want to try out. Why then are we complaining? Should we not try to make the best of this period?

The onus is on each one of us to leverage this period while it lasts. Some of the things that we can do during this period:

  1. Cultivate a new hobby:

All of us have reservoirs of talents within us waiting to be tapped and explored. Some of these talents might be dormant, while others we might already be aware of. In any case, we need to hone our skills or talents for them to shine brighter.

  1. Spend more time with family:

Let us be more appreciative of our families and use this period to spend quality time with them. Most of us would not have the liberty to do so once the lockdown is lifted. How about surprising your family with a cool new recipe? Or a family night replete with games?

  1. Take up online courses:

This period is the best time to devote focused efforts towards learning. Remember that Spanish language class you had been meaning to take up but were not able to fit in your schedule due to your crazy work hours? Yes, now is the perfect time to go for it.

  1. Watch the sunrise and sunset:

Watching the sunrise in all its glory has to be one of the most profound and humbling experiences in the world. All your problems will seem minuscule if you just let the beauty of the sunrise sink in. The same goes for sunsets. The visually exquisite experience will spellbind you in ways unthinkable.

  1. Read a book:

I can never emphasize enough the difference a good book can make in your life. It can change your perspective and your entire outlook towards life in general. Read more. Think more. Absorb the contents of a good book and let it change you.

  1. Exercise:

While it is not possible to go for a run or a walk, it is still possible to invest an hour in physical exercise. Whether you do yoga, or lift weights or do squats, the choice is yours. The idea is to choose health.

  1. Introspect:

Over and above the aforementioned activities, please do not forget to introspect. Think about all the areas of your life that need change. List out all the aspects of your life and prioritize them on the basis of importance. The end result: more clarity!

The above list is not exhaustive and activities can be added or modified to suit your needs.

Isn’t it strange how we take the little things in life for granted only to realize their worth in their absence? On that note, let us never again take for granted a regular, monotonous Monday morning, a steaming hot cup of tea with a friend, a firm handshake, a warm hug, a walk in the park and the numerous other seemingly little things!

Until then, let us hope for better days and happier times!








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