Corona Musings

COVID-19 has wreaked the kind of unprecedented havoc that none of us could have imagined. How many of us envisioned a day when we would be cooped up at home not by choice but by compulsion? I am sure none of us. While people continue to suffer globally, I believe this pandemic has been an... Continue Reading →

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Drawing Contrasts: Childhood of the 90s VS Childhood Now

The other day, while rummaging through the chest of drawers in my room, I chanced upon a few photographs from my childhood years. Tinged with a dull yellow layer, the pictures looked worn-out from having been stacked at the same place for years together. One particular picture had me and my brother displaying our widest... Continue Reading →

Panga : Movie Review

My weekend ritual typically involves waking up late, having a late breakfast and an even later lunch, and then idly passing my time either binge-watching movies or series. Today was no different. After my lunch, I lazily sifted through Netflix, Hotstar and Prime hoping to find something worthwhile to watch. Not finding anything interesting ,... Continue Reading →

Bulbbul: A Review

Set in Bengal of the 1880s, the opening scene is that of a wedding being celebrated with much fanfare. As you continue to watch, you observe that the wedding is of a little girl, Bulbbul (Tripti Dimri), around 8-10 years of age. One would assume that the little one is married off to the equally... Continue Reading →

Chaman Baahar: A Review

Time and again movies are made that give off such a strong stench of toxic masculinity and male entitlement that it can be smelt from a mile away. Chaman Bahaar is one such movie that I wasted 2 precious hours of my time in. Set in the backdrop of a small Indian town, the movie... Continue Reading →

Mental Health : A Growing Concern

Sushant Singh’s untimely demise resonated with us so deeply because it brought to light the darkness that exists within us, and how it sometimes overpowers our sense of reasoning and drives us to do the unthinkable – take our own lives. It has brought to sharp focus the importance of talking about mental health openly,... Continue Reading →

Gulabo Sitabo : A Review

Gulabo Sitabo is a simple story which revolves around Fatima Mahal, a non-descript mansion in ruins. Owned by Begum who is married to Mirza (Amitabh Bacchan), the mansion is over a 100 years old, and it is the anchor which drives the entire movie. Mirza is disdainful of the tenants in the mansion, especially Baankey... Continue Reading →

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