Corona Musings

COVID-19 has wreaked the kind of unprecedented havoc that none of us could have imagined. How many of us envisioned a day when we would be cooped up at home not by choice but by compulsion? I am sure none of us. While people continue to suffer globally, I believe this pandemic has been an... Continue Reading →

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Lord Voldemort’s Reign Of Terror

Dear He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Yes, such is your hold on me that I still cannot call you out by your name. I was first introduced to you as an awkward teenager and years hence, I am terrified of you still. Growing up, Harry was my friend, someone I would turn to, almost instinctively, especially during difficult times.... Continue Reading →

Shayad – A Love Tale

‘Shayad’ is a celebration of love in its purest, most unadulterated form. As you croon to its lyrics, you realize that there exists a hopeless romantic in you - one who craves for a love as powerful and unconditional as Veer’s was for Zoe. It speaks to your soul in ways unimaginable, seeking out unexplored... Continue Reading →


Quaint, picturesque locations, rich cultural diversity and ingenious music are few of the things Assam is known for. But, besides those, it is also known for its unique flora and fauna which can be found aplenty there. Assam currently houses 193 unique species of mammals and 950 unique bird species. Out of the 543 wildlife... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Brittany Runs A Marathon

I just finished watching Brittany Runs A Marathon, a movie based on the real-life story of Brittany O’ Neill, who after a visit to the doctor gets a rude wake-up call on the repercussions of her unhealthy lifestyle. In the movie, Brittany Forgler, finds out that among other problems her BP is exceedingly high, her... Continue Reading →

Silence: Medicine for my Soul

What is your relationship with silence? Do you feel comfortable with nothing but your thoughts and silence as company? Or does it make you restless? Do you have moments when you are in the midst of friends but long to escape to be alone with your thoughts? I have a peculiar relationship with silence. I... Continue Reading →

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